The latter is the case of WhatsApp Plus, an application that seeks to compete with WhatsApp by using the same application – with some changes, yes. WhatsApp Plus has what the official application lacks. With this ‘new’ messaging application, we can configure the design of the service to our liking, modifying many aspects of the application’s interface.

Whatsapp PLUS

For those who are more attentive to talk, the Plus version of WhatsApp also has many extra emoticons and adds new functions to share files, which are exciting options if you like to take pictures with your mobile phone and send them to your friends. Finally, we also find that we can hide our connection status without the need for this to prevent us from seeing the rest of our contacts. The official application added this last function once it saw its success in this other unofficial one.

Another advantage of WhatsApp Plus is that your friends will not need to download it to be able to talk to them because you can keep in touch even if they use WhatsApp. In addition, the first option is completely free. However, you will have to download it from other means since you will not be able to do it through the Android application store, Google Play, or other means also known as the Amazon application store.

If you want to download WhatsApp Plus, we leave you the link from which we offer you all the information: download WhatsApp Plus for free.