What Is WhatsApp Plus?

With the triumph of WhatsApp as an instant messaging application, and seeing the large number of users it harvested, similar applications began to sprout that also wanted part of the cake. Some became well known on official channels, such as Line or Telegram, however, others had to do it on their own because they were not ‘official applications’.

The latter is the case of WhatsApp Plus, an application that seeks to compete with WhatsApp by using the very application – with some changes, yes. WhatsApp Plus has what the official application lacks. With this ‘new’ messaging application we can configure the design of the service to our liking, modifying a large number of aspects of the application’s interface.

Whatsapp PLUS

For those who are more assiduous to talk, the Plus version of WhatsApp also has a large number of extra emoticons and adds new functions to share files, very interesting options if you like to take pictures with your mobile phone, and send them to your friends. Finally, we also find that we can hide our connection status without the need for this to prevent us from seeing the rest of our contacts. This last function was added by the official application once it saw the success it had in this other unofficial one.

Another advantage of WhatsApp Plus is that your friends will not need to download it to be able to talk to them, because you can keep in touch even if they use WhatsApp. In addition, the first option is completely free, although you will have to download it from other means since you will not be able to do it through the Android application store, Google Play, or other means also known as the Amazon application store. However, on sites like Cnet and UptoDown, you can find it without any problem and at the click of a button.

If you want to download WhatsApp Plus, then we leave you the link from which we offer you all the information to do so: download WhatsApp Plus for free

Download WhatsApp Plus for free

If you are already getting bored of WhatsApp but are still linked to the app because all your contacts use it, you may be interested in an application that can keep you in contact with them. WhatsApp Plus may be what you are looking for, a similar but free alternative to be able to talk with all your friends through text messages. Download Whatsapp plus using the button below.

 Download Whatsapp Plus

Finally, we will have to install the application. Remember that for apps that do not come from the Google Play Store you will have to activate the ‘Unknown sources’ in the settings. Once this is done and the file has been moved to the device (either to the internal memory or to a memory card), you will only have to open the WhatsApp Plus .apk and accept the permissions requested by the application. It is done! Now just enjoy the new features that this free instant messaging application offers you.

Update WhatsApp Plus

Unfortunately, the unofficial version of WhatsApp with additional functions, WhatsApp Plus, is not available in the Play Store, so we will not be able to download WhatsApp Plus or update it from there. Taking into account that to download it we have to do it from a site completely outside the application stores, it is normal that we come to think that to update the application we always have to download the new .apk file from the same site that we downloaded the application the first time.


But it is not like that. Despite not being available in any official application store, we can update WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp Plus Holo from our device without making a greater effort as it might seem at first. The only thing we will have to do to update the instant messaging application is to update it from the settings of the app itself. If you have not understood, do not worry because now I will show you how to update WhatsApp Plus.

To update WhatsApp Plus you will only have to access the menu within the application and access the ‘PLUS’ section and then the ‘Updates’ submenu. From there we can accept the update to the new version of WhatsApp Plus if there is one available.

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However, there are those for whom updating every time there is a new version available can become tedious. If you are one of those people, do not despair, because you can make your application self-updating. To get the application to update automatically you will have to purchase Plus Donation, a payment function that will allow WhatsApp Plus to update automatically. Although you can also get the Plus Donation totally free if you have root access in your terminal.

With root access you can run Lucky Patcher, a patch to have the Plus Donation function without the need to pay anything. Its installation is simple and it comes with more detailed instructions in the download package with the latest version of WhatsApp Plus.

Expired WhatsApp Plus: Solution to the problem

If you use WhatsApp you have surely come across that sign that informs us that our application has expired because we have not updated the application and that we are using a ‘very old’ version. Unfortunately, WhatsApp Plus, being a modified version of the original application, does not save itself from showing this message. However, the solution to this problem is rather simple.

Expired WhatsApp Plus

There is a very simple way to solve this problem in our WhatsApp Plus or WhatsApp Plus Holo and it is the simple fact of reinstalling the application. To do this we will only have to delete WhatsApp Plus from our device by doing it from the terminal application settings. Then we will have to open the .apk file with which we installed the application (if you deleted it you will have to download it again), accept the permissions it requests and re-enable our number in the application. Don’t forget to restore the conversations and files stored in the device’s memory, of course, otherwise, you want to lose any of the conversations or the images and videos that your contacts will have sent you through the application.
While this is a simple way to get WhatsApp Plus functional again, there is another simple and perhaps more recommended, update. Updating the application will prevent this message from appearing and you will be able to enjoy the application improvements, such as the correction of errors and new functions that are integrated with the passage of the program versions. To update WhatsApp Plus you just have to go to the updates section in the application menu, nothing that takes us more than a minute to do.However, there may be reasons why you do not want to update to the latest version of the application. In any case, you decide which version of WhatsApp Plus you want to use on your mobile.

Advantages Of WhatsApp Plus

As much as that may seem, WhatsApp Plus is not just ‘colorful’. Unlike the official version of WhatsApp, the first application integrates a large number of new functions that the original creators do not want to integrate into the official application or do not yet have time to do so.

Advantages Of WhatsApp Plus

However, in WhatsApp Plus they have been concerned about adding all those functions that users want so much, and believe me that there are not a few extra features that the modified version of WhatsApp has, so people who decide to download WhatsApp Plus for free to replace the conventional version of WhatsApp will enjoy a good number of advantages and possibilities, let’s see some.

 Download Whatsapp Plus

One of the most interesting is when sharing files, where we can eliminate that 16 MB limitation when sending videos or music files. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. With the free WhatsApp Plus application, we can search and share images directly from the web pages in which we find these images, hide the ‘online’ status, attach the image of the contact who sends us files, previews when searching for images within the same application, to be able to go back to the main screen by clicking ‘Back’ in a chat.

Of course, to all this, we must also add a large number of customization options, which the application makes available to us to leave both the main interface and the chat with our contacts to our liking.

Anyway, as you can imagine, they are not minutiae that have been added to WhatsApp Plus for Android, and with each update, we usually find new and interesting functions if not that they have been limited to correcting small errors to improve the operation of the application. In addition, WhatsApp Plus is updated at the same time as the official version of WhatsApp, also adding the functions that the official version brings.

Do you need more reasons to skip the official version and switch to WhatsApp Plus? If so, the extended list of emoticons may make you change your mind. Haven’t you seen it? Well, don’t wait to download WhatsApp Plus and be able to enjoy them.