Why Is Your WhatsApp Account Banned & How to Solve it?

Whatsapp has some algorithms on there own. They are very possessive about their security, so you must follow all the rules if you want to have a Whatsapp account. If you don’t follow the rules, Whatsapp will ban your account without asking any questions. So in this article, we will try to tell you why your WhatsApp account can get banned and the WhatsApp account banned solution.

Forwarding limits

You can forward pitcher’s videos; PDF fails anything on whats app. You can search for 5 people at a time and as many times as you want. But there is a limit. You cat-forward everything and anything on WhatsApp.And you cant go all day long forwarding people everything. If you are forward irrelevant this, sexual thins or harassment thing your WhatsApp account can be banned. You can exclude your WhatsApp account if you deliver to many people at once. Now the equation is ‘WhatsApp account banned; what to do?’

  • How to solve it?

If your Whatsapp account has been banned for forwarding reasons, do the following.

  1.  Firstly go to settings>App manager.
  2.  Then find Whatsapp and click Storage>Clear cache> ok
  3. Go back to the Home screen and reopen the app
  4. login into your account if you have forwarded something abusive.

Verifying your number

Your WhatsApp account could be banned if you don’t verify your number. You can’t open a WhatsApp account without verification but can change the number after opening the account. Many people forget to verify their accounts, so their Whatsapp accounts are banned. Because whats app doesn’t allow any account without verification on Whatsapp. You can solve this problem before  Whatsapp ban your account or after.

  • How to solve it?

What can you do if you forget to verify it?

  1. Go to Whatsapp settings>Account>Chage number.
  2. Then you will find a verification box; click resand, and it will resand the code again.
  3.  Please copy the code and paste it into the verification box, and will verify your account again.

What should you do if your account is already banned because of verification?

  1. Go to Settings>App manager>Whatsapp>Uninstall.
  2. Then go to the play store and install the app by wifi.
  3. Open the app and try to login into your Whatsapp  account
  4. You’ll see a verification box, and a code will come in your number
  5. Just copy the number and past it on the box click ok and you will get your  Whatsapp account back.
  6. Before uninstall, don’t forget  to keep backup

Stolen accounts

Sometimes Whatsapp accounts can be stolen. Usually is very hard to have a Whatsapp account. But it can be stolen by Simcard cloning. It has happened in the past many times. So the question is, “what can you do if your WhatsApp account is stolen, and how can you get your account back?

  • How to solve it?

If you want to get back your stolen account, follow the following.

  1. First, go to settings>Help>Contact us and send a mail to Whatsapp that your account has been stolen and to ban your account.
  2. Then Settings>App manager>Whatsapp>Uninstall.
  3. Then go to the play store and install the app by wifi.
  4. open the app and click Forget password
  5. find your account, and they will send a code to your number
  6. Copy and paste the code on the password box
  7. it will give you access to your WhatsApp account
  8. Elegantly change the password and number, ad there you have your Whatsapp account.

Account security tips

  • Always use 2-factor security
  • Never share your password with anyone
  • Never share  any abusive content
  • Try not to rack any rules from WhatsApp


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