How To Use 2 Whatsapp In One Phone (Dual Whatsapp)

There are several people out claiming to have the right tricks to installing dual Whatsapp, but this is the right place for you. You will get two methods or tricks that you can use to run two Whatsapp accounts on one android phone. You probably have tried to do it before but most likely it did not work, well, that was because you were searching in all the wrong places. For those who have been dying to have a dual Whatsapp account for their dual sim android phones, this is the best news for you. Just read the post below and you will be on the go as soon as you want to be. Two Whatsapp accounts have been a myth for long enough, now is the time we demystify that myth. It is amazing that these tricks do not even need your phone to be rooted.
Below are some features of the applications that enable your device to handle two Whatsapp accounts:

Method # 1

• The main feature is the ability to have two Whatsapp accounts on one android device.
• There is no need for rooting your device

• Very stress-free installation as well as use.
• Back-up and restore facilities for all your messages and data.

• You have the liberty of choosing the application icon in the OGwhatsapp apk.
• Whatsapp has an inbuilt backup and restore message facility from which you can directly restore all your Whatsapp messages.

Trick # 11. This first entails downloading an application called Whatsapp. There are links from which you can get this application.
2. After you download this Whatsapp application, go ahead and install it on the same phone you downloaded it from.

3. After you install the app, open it and enter your phone number. Mind you this is the number you want to use in your secondary Whatsapp account.
4. After that, an OTP code will be sent to your mobile. It will take a few minutes to install just like the mainstream Whatsapp.
5. After successful verification, you will be running dual Whatsapp accounts on one android phone.

Now you know how to have dual Whatsapp accounts on your phone. All you need now is actually go online and try this trick out for it will surely not disappoint you.

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Method # 2

1. You should first backup your messages and important data prior to downloading this OGwhatsapp application.
2. The next thing will be clearing Whatsapp data

3. Go to the folder sdcard/WhatsApp and change its name to sd card/WhatsApp. This step is only important for OGwhatsapp and not Whatsapp
4. Now you go ahead and uninstall the official WhatsApp application from your android device

5. Download and install the Ogwhatsapp app and make sure it is the latest version.

6. The application will prompt your number. It is very important that you key in the WhatsApp number you had used in the official WhatsApp.

7. click ok. Your OGwhatsapp app is now ready for your previous number.

8. To add a second number, go to the play store and download the official application for WhatsApp.
9. When it prompts for your number, key in the new preferred number.
There you go! Now you have two WhatsApp accounts on one android device. These are easy-to-follow steps that you can easily execute yourself without any professional help.

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