5 Useful Tips For Using WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a secure messenger, but many users end up forgetting to protect their personal information. This could make your profile picture available to strangers, or you could risk downloading some fake version of the app. To help, check out these 5 tips to keep your WhatsApp and private conversations safe.

1) Block WhatsApp remotely

This tip is very important, especially for those who had their cell phone stolen, lost, or stolen. The function allows you to block your WhatsApp account remotely so that nobody uses your messenger. First, it is necessary to call the mobile operator and request the SIM card cancellation. Then you can add your WhatsApp on another device, with a chip containing the same mobile number.

However, if this is not possible, it is essential to send an email ([email protected]), notifying the event to the courier team, with the number in international format (+country code, state code, and telephone number. Ex: +55 21 9xxxx-XXXX). Thus, they will deactivate your account for 30 days, after which it will be completely deleted.

2) Hide your profile picture and protect your information

By default, WhatsApp shows your profile picture to anyone who has your number in their phonebook. That way, your image is exposed to strangers. However, there is a practical way to hide and protect the profile’s privacy in the settings.

To do this, access the “Privacy” menu in your WhatsApp account, and then edit the item “Profile Picture” to “Nobody”, which only you see, or “My Contacts”, limiting it only to your friend’s list. This way, even if the stranger discovers your cell phone number, he will not be able to access the photo registered in the messenger.

3) Beware of fake WhatsApp versions

Some versions of WhatsApp are advertised as “Plus“, with a blue icon, and promise extra functionality. But it’s all just a scam, which can steal your data and hide viruses. Installing this “external” app may even cause your original WhatsApp account to be blocked.

The main tip is not to install any WhatsApp versions besides the original one, available in the Android, iOS, and Windows Phone app store. If you accidentally download, please delete the app quickly to avoid damage and not add your data.

4) Use passwords to protect WhatsApp

Curious friends are taking your cell phone? So, using a specific password for WhatsApp can help a lot. That way, your conversations are not exposed, let alone private matters. A very practical way is to install the Whatsapp Lock or WhatsLock app, to add your code.

Another practical feature is the Safe Total app’s “safe” function. Thus, even if someone has the code to unlock their smart, they will not be able to open WhatsApp for pc conversations without the second security password.

5) Hide photos and videos you receive on WhatsApp

WhatsApp allows users to automatically save all photos and videos received in conversations. But this can put your privacy at risk as it may accidentally display some personal image. To prevent this from happening, it is possible to disable this function through the messenger settings.

You only save what you prefer, keeping the rest only on conversation and group screens, without compromising. The function can be done on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone smartphones. To do this, just access “Conversation Options” in the menu and manage the item “Automatic media download”. You can choose to download only images, videos, or none of them.

You can also prevent photos opened in the app from being visible on the phone by creating a “fake” folder. Thus, confidential or compromising images are not visible to the curious who move into your gallery.

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