How To Delete Snapchat Account Permanently (iPhone & Android)

Of all the top social networking apps in the market, Snapchat is the most powerful tool for driving trends worldwide. It is a fun app for sharing images and short video clips with friends on the platform using different tools. However, people may not wish to continue with the app for various reasons. Hence, this post discusses how to permanently delete Snapchat Accounts [iPhone & Android] for our readers.

Although the world of social networking can bring a lot of amazement from different parts closer for the users, it may become hectic for them after some time. If you have created a Snapchat Account but no longer wish to continue being a part of the same, you can delete your Snapchat account permanently.

We have described the steps to do the same here. So, go through this post and learn how to complete the process.

Steps To Delete Snapchat Account

With the Snapchat Application on your device, you can make many new friends on the platform and edit and share your pictures and video clips for fun. Despite all this, the Snapchat experience may not be as per expectations for everyone. Other users may have different tastes in social networking services. No matter the reason, we believe that our readers are here to understand the possible steps to delete Snapchat Accounts permanently.

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To carry out the same, users need to follow the steps described below;

  • An important thing to notice is that you will not be able to delete the account using the Android or iPhone App. Hence, you will have to access the PC device browser or the browsers on your smartphone devices.
  • Users will have to access the official Snapchat Account delete page by logging into their accounts. Use this link to reach the login directly.

Delete Snapchat Account

  • Enter your username and password to log in and select the “menu” tab there. If you have forgotten the credentials, you will have to select the appropriate tab and recover it first.
  • Select the “Delete my account” tab to proceed with the steps.
  • You will have to provide the login credentials one more time as a security measure.
  • Finally, your account will be deleted permanently. All your data with the Snapchat App will be cleared from your account.

Later, if you wish to enter the app, you will have to create a new account. Go through this post to create a new account with Snapchat App. However, these steps will help you delete your Snapchat Account permanently without much hassle.

Well, this brings us to the end of our post. We hope that these details on How to delete Snapchat Accounts permanently [iPhone & Android] will be useful to all. If you have any queries regarding the process, please let us know. We will try to help you out as soon as possible. To reach us, contact us here. Thank you, dear readers, for accessing this post.

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