Romantic Valentine Day Status For WhatsApp

To people out there who are in love or waiting to fall in love, this page is dedicated to you. Valentine’s Day is your day, and we want to make it more special by helping you convey your feelings through these WhatsApp valentine’s day messages.

We are listing some of the WhatsApp statuses quotes for your Valentine, which you can use it on your WhatsApp to convey your love to your loved ones. You can use these Happy Valentine’s day WhatsApp status messages to express your thoughts to someone who is still not aware of it, show your love to the person who is waiting to hear it from you and more.

Check out Valentine’s day status for WhatsApp below and do post them.

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Beautiful Valentines WhatsApp Status Messages

  • Until and unless your love is madness, it is actually not love.
  • Valentine’s Day is all about finding a companion as weird as you are, and then celebrating your weirdness together. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Though I have fallen in love countless times, yet it has always been with you.
  • The planet earth has given me what I need to live. But you have given me the reason I need to live. Happy Valentine’s Day my love!
  • They say all you need is love. Even Beatles said that. I, however, think that a little chocolate now and then doesn’t really hurt.

Few More Nice Happy Valentines Day WhatsApp Status Quotes

  • This is my definition of Valentine’s Day—to let go of life, to cause a hundred veils to fall every moment, and to fly toward a secret sky.
  • It takes nearly anyone to catch your eye, but it takes that special someone to catch your heart and hold it forever.
  • Love takes time to heal when there is hurt. Can’t you see that I was blind to let you go?I can’t bear this pain inside. I miss my love.
  • Even though I try, I can’t let go. Something in your eyes captures my soul. And every night I see you in my dreams. You are all I know.

We always tend to forget our friends or relative’s birthday or anniversary, but we always remember Valentine’s Day. This day is not for one specific person but it’s for all the loved ones across the globe, and this makes this day a special occasion. With WhatsApp being the most frequent and fast mode of communication in recent times, you can make this day more special by sharing these WhatsApp Valentine status quotes.

Every one of us in love and let’s use this list of status for Valentine on WhatsApp and spread the message and warmth of love to everyone. Do share these Valentine’s Day quotes for WhatsApp on your Facebook wall if you find them lovely.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Never miss a moment to express your love.

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