How To Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Andriod and iPhone

If you are a WhatsApp user then you know very well that if you change your phone or reinstall the app with the same account the previous chat is being automatically deleted. So you won’t get those previous chats unless you know how to use the app properly. In this article, we will let you know that How recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Andriod and iPhones.

Backup Chat History

If you want to recover deleted WhatsApp messages then you need to backup everything in advance. You cant recover deleted WhatsApp messages without a backup I android. On iPhone, you can recover deleted WhatsApp messages from iCloud.The backup system in android and I phoner the same.

  • First, go to settings 
  • Then click Chats>Chat backup>Back up and it will backup your chat automatically.

To recover deleted WhatsApp messages iPhone follows the same way for a backup chat.

How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Andriod?

In android, it’s easy to recover deleted WhatsApp messages. Just make sure your phone is connected to strong wifi. Because to restore the data Whatsapp needs a strong data connection or else it may take a long time to recover deleted WhatsApp messages. And also make sure you have enough space to download WhatsApp message deleted recovery fails.

  • First, go to Settings>App manager>Whatesapp>Uninstall
  • After that go to the play store and install the app again
  • Then open the app ad log in to your account
  • The app will automatically show you an option to recover like this
  • Just click restore and your WhatsApp message deleted recovery in no time

If this doesn’t work then do this.

  • Go to settings 
  • Then click Chats>Chat history>Archive all data 
  • This way all the Whatsapp messages deleted recovery very easily

How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone?

Without backup, you cant recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone.So first make sure you have backup everything properly. Follow the way to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone

  • First, install the app
  • Then go to settings>icloud>Whatsapp>restor chat history
  • It will take a little moment  then the deleted data will be recovered

Because of iPhone’s security reasons before recovering deleted WhatsApp messages, you may have to give your iCloud password. iPhone is known for its security and they are very strict about their security. So you may have to give your account password many times. You also have to give the password while you backup all data in the I cloud.

Final Words

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