How To Prevent My WhatsApp From Being Hacked?

WhatsApp is more than just an application for text messages. In fact, most people share lots of stuff there. You might give out personal details, photos, and even bank details. Lots of personal information is sent and received on a regular basis.

If you somehow take security for granted, you are about to make a big mistake. So, how can you prevent your WhatsApp from being hacked?

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Lock WhatsApp

The two-step verification from WhatsApp allows you to protect the application and keep it locked. To set it up, you will have to go to settings and choose the account settings.

You will find the two-step verification option there. You will have to set a PIN code. If someone tries to install WhatsApp on another phone and log in to your account, they will be asked for this code.

Block WhatsApp Pictures from Roll Display

Make sure WhatsApp does not save received or sent pictures. It also pays off blocking the WhatsApp folder in the gallery. Why would you be worried about it? Simple! Imagine sharing some intimate pictures with your partner every once in a while.

Would you like someone else to accidentally access them? Your children might get their hands on the smartphone. Besides, they might pop up out of nowhere while swiping through your snaps with your entire family nearby.

Hide Last Seen Status

Hiding your last seen status has multiple benefits. If a potential scammer or hacker has some details about you, knowing when you go offline can be extremely helpful – and dangerous for you.

How about your work colleagues or boss? Do you want them to see you showing up online while you are supposed to be in an office?

Keep in mind that turning this setting off will also prevent you from seeing other users’ last seen stamps. It works on the same principles as the delivery receipt feature.

Restrict Access to Delivery Reports

Restricting access to delivery reports means you will not get any reports either. It might seem irrelevant, but it can save lots of hassle. If you use the same profile picture on other social media networks, chances are you can be found on those social networks with various search applications. Furthermore, everyone will be able to download that picture if they add you to their address book.

With this aspect in mind, you can go to your settings, then choose the privacy submenu and choose to share the profile picture with your contacts only. Most of the settings there should be set to your contacts only – safety first.


The bottom line, you do not have to be an expert on how to hack WhatsApp. Use some common sense and go through all the settings once you install the application.

There are not so many anyway – the whole job will take you less than a few minutes.

Another useful tip implies keeping the phone to yourself. Do not hand it over to strangers or people who you do not trust.

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