Why Phones Banned For Whatsapp? (Problem Solved)

Why WhatsApp Banned Millions Of Phones?

WhatsApp’s new update has banned older versions of phones from using WhatsApp. WhatsApp banned all those phones which support outdated operating systems. Millions of phones were banned from using WhatsApp to secure their information of the users. This statement was published by WhatsApp itself.

Which Phones Are Banned From Whatsapp And Why?

Starting from Android 2.3.7 and older, and iPhone iOS 8 or older, are affected by this update. Older versions are weak and easily hackable. So Facebook-owned WhatsApp published there a new update to secure the information of their user.

WhatsApp is known for its security ad they don’t wanna lose its reputation. The owner of Whatsapp is now Facebook and Facebook also has a very good reputation for keeping the secret of the users secure. That is why they launched the new update and WhatsApp banned millions of phones from using Whatsapp. Because these versions of the phone are very old and the server of those phones is very weak. So the information of the user can very easily be hacked. That’s Why the power of the company Whatsapp banned these phones from using Whatsapp.

Account Banned From Whatsapp.

If your account is banned from WhatsApp the following message will appear “Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help.”  This appears that mins you have done something violent or something which is not allowed on Whatsapp. What is very protective about their security they dot allow any kind of violent or abusive content on their app. If they find Anything abusive they block the user account for inquiry.

How To Solve It?

If Whatsapp banned your account and you received the filing massage then it fully WhatsApp choose whether they wanna give your account back or not. But you can do something which may work taking back your account. just flow the steps.

  • 1st stape install Whatsapp from your dives
  • 2nd step go to the play store and reinstall the app using the wife
  • 3rd step  try to reconnect with your account
  • If it didn’t work then go to the setting  option
  • You will find an option called “Help” in the support category

FAQ Page

Contact Us Page

  • click that a mailbox will appear
  • mail your problem to WhatsApp
  • there is a 95% chance of gating your account back in this way


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