OGWhatsApp APK Download (Anti-Ban) Latest Version 17.40

Hello, friends here I am with a new website to give you the ogwhatsapp. I can feel that you are eager to know what is ogwhatsapp. I will explain your details. We now live in a world of WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, hike messaging apps that rule the mobile messaging era. So we are also into the usage of those apps. I hope all of you are using WhatsApp to message all your friends and I hope you also love to do group chats on WhatsApp.

Whatever be it our WhatsApp has some limitations on it. The main drawback of our WhatsApp app is that we can’t use two WhatsApp on the same phone even if we have a dual sim. So that’s the problem we face. But here’s the end. We no need of that worry. Here we have ogwhatsapp which is a modified version of WhatsApp.

Ogwhatsapp Apk Free Download

Ogwhatsapp is a free app that behaves just like WhatsApp. Using this app we can use two Whatsapp accounts on the same mobile phone. The ogwhatsapp is available for both iPhone and Android phones. To get the ogwhatsapp for the iPhone you need to Google just WhatsApp for iPhone or just follow the link.

The main reasons to use the OGWhatsapp (Main features)

Some of the main reasons that will make us download this mod are:

  1. Two Whatsapp accounts in one phone.
  2. Usage of modified features in WhatsApp.
  3. We have two WhatsApp in a single mobile.

The above features are not possible with the normal WhatsApp. Therefore we go to the new modified WhatsApp og WhatsApp. It is ogwhatsapp or (omg) WhatsApp. It has fantastic features that will make you stick with it.

Methods To Install The OGWhatsapp

While talking about the installation of the ogwhatsapp we have two choices that are either we can install the ogwhatsapp for the new version and install the original WhatsApp for the older version that is to leave the existing WhatsApp.

But the other way is to install the ogwhatsapp to the old mobile phone and install the original WhatsApp to the new number. If you are following the second method of the installation then the following method of installation for WhatsApp is required.

Install OGWhatsapp

  1. The first-ever step to install the ogwhatsApp in your mobile is to take a backup of your old messages.
  2. Then go to settings and then to apps column. There you will get an option to clear the data of the whatsapp.
  3. Now clear the data of WhatsApp.
  4. And the next step is to go to the SD card drive from your mobile.
  5. There you will see a folder named WhatsApp.
  6. Now rename the folder to the name Ogwhatsapp
  7. That’s it. Now install the ogwhatsapp app downloaded from the link.
  8. You will require an old phone number verification. Verify that
  9. And next download the original WhatsApp or the normal WhatsApp. Now verify your new number with that WhatsApp.


Requirement For installing OGWhtasapp APK

Requirements for the App:

  • You need to have an android phone with an Android 4.0+ version.
  • You need to uninstall Whatsapp before installing OGWhatsapp.
  • You need to have an internet connection.
  • You need to understand the steps.
  • You need to have the downloaded App of OGWhatsapp.

Direct link To Download OGWhtasapp

Many sites may provide the ogwhatsapp download after a survey. But here our customer satisfaction is more important So we are giving you the download without any survey. The below link is to install ogwhatsapp. That’s it now you have two WhatsApp on your smartphone.


  • Is OGWhtasapp banned?

No OGWhtasapp is not banned it’s just not in the play store. as WhatsApp is already there. because OGWhtasapp and WhatsApp are almost similar app so play sore won’t allow 2 similar apps in the play store. that’s why you have to download it by browser. Don’t worry it’s safe for your dives

  • Is OGWhtasapp harmful?

No, it’s not. because the developer of WhatsApp and OGWhtasapp are the same and they have made sure that no of the apps do any harm to you and your device .so it cant be harmful. because the developer courteously checks the apps for damages.

By the way, you may also have a lot of doubts about installing the Ogwhatsapp. Please leave them in the comments. I promise you that I will reply within 24 hours. Meanwhile, have a happy time with OGwhatsapp. Don’t forget to like and share.

Final Words

Our website always shares all kinds of Whatsapp tips & tricks if you find any kind of error on your Whatsapp feel free to share with us love to welcome you again, Cheers.

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