Making WhatsApp Fun With Wallpapers

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most popular cross-platform mobile messaging apps that allow users to send text messages (as long as they are using the app) without having to spend for SMS. The app is even more enjoyable if the user utilizes any WhatsApp wallpaper. The app is available for mobile operating systems like iPhone, Android, Nokia S40, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Symbian. WhatsApp uses Wi-Fi (when it is available) or 3G to send and receive messages from family and friends. If one uses WhatsApp, the user can receive and send messages, audio notes, video messages, and pictures.

WhatsApp Features

So, what makes WhatsApp very popular among users? For starters, there is no hidden cost when using WhatsApp. Once the app is downloaded, the person can use the app freely. One can send unlimited messages to contacts. However, the app should be used with an Internet connection: Wi-Fi or 3G/EDGE. Users can also enjoy the app’s group chat feature.

There are also no international charges. There are absolutely no costs to send messages via WhatsApp internationally, just like it is free to send an e-mail overseas. Users can chat with their overseas contacts as long as they use the app. With WhatsApp, users can avoid paying exorbitant international SMS costs.

Users can do away with bothersome usernames or PINs. The app works with the user’s mobile number and the app flawlessly integrates with the mobile phone’s current address book. There is also no need to log in or log out. Unlike social media platforms, the phone’s address book is automatically utilized to connect with contacts. Contacts using WhatsApp will be displayed automatically.

WhatsApp is also popular among users because of its offline messaging feature. Even if the user misses the push notifications or turns off his or her phone, the app will save the messages offline until the user will retrieve them the next time the app is used. Moreover, users can share locations, use a cool WhatsApp wallpaper, and exchange contacts. Other nifty features are landscape mode, custom notification sounds, email chat history, and precise message time stamps.

Wallpaper App

Wallpaper App

The very thing that makes WhatsApp fun to use is its dynamic WhatsApp wallpaper selection. A user can select a wallpaper from over 30 designs. The thing is, the WhatsApp Messenger does not come pre-loaded with wallpapers. A person has to download the wallpapers from a particular OS’s app store. For example, android users can download wallpapers from Google Play, while iOS users can download wallpapers from the Apple App Store. Alternatively, users can use the wallpapers from their respective phones’ galleries. For the app’s users, it is natural that they use the native wallpapers provided by the app itself.

For those who have not yet downloaded the WhatsApp wallpaper app, here are some things they may want to know. The wallpaper app offers a wide selection of beautiful backgrounds to change WhatsApp Messenger’s look. It makes for a fun chatting experience. The messenger app itself is excellent for sending out free messages from one’s smartphone and saves users SMS costs, although it can get somewhat dull while one is looking at the same interface most of the time. This is where the wallpaper app comes in.

WhatsApp’s official background images set includes various pictures, including an umbrella design, a brocade cloth design, lunar landscape, leaf designs, macro images of grass, land formations, seascapes, prairie fields, deserts, bridge views, galaxies, and night views. With very few exceptions, WhatsApp wallpaper designs are tasteful and attractive. The range of themes and subjects, however, is not as broad as one would find in another app like Backgrounds.

If a person wants to brighten chat sessions with the wallpaper app of WhatsApp, then WhatsApp’s native wallpaper app is a free and interesting way of adding color to the chat interface. Downloading the wallpaper app is also easy as long as WhatsApp Messenger is already installed. All a person needs to do is to go to his or her OS’s ‘marketplace.’ After searching for WhatsApp’s wallpaper app, the person only needs to click install and the app will download automatically.

The advantages of WhatsApp’s native wallpaper app are the app’s aesthetically-appealing background images and the wallpaper app is supported officially by WhatsApp. However, the configuration of the wallpaper app is not quite as easy as one might think.

How To Change Wallpapers

WhatsApp Image 2020-10-03 at 10.51.37 (8)

The procedure in changing WhatsApp wallpapers is quite easy.

  • Open the WhatsApp Messenger app and tap the ‘Menu’ key.
  • Go to Settings and then Chat Settings.
  • Tap the ‘Wallpaper’ key.
  • One can tap ‘WhatsApp’ (if the native wallpaper app is downloaded) or tap ‘Android System’ and then ‘Gallery.’
  • The user can then choose a photo.


If a WhatsApp user seeks another wallpaper aside from the ones offered by WhatsApp, the Backgrounds app is an alternative as it offers 10,000 free wallpapers for users of Android phones. Backgrounds’ wallpapers are grouped into various categories including city, cars, peace, music, scary, and sports. Backgrounds’ images are updated constantly; thus, users will be delighted with new content.
In Backgrounds, browsing images is an easy process. There are 4 preview images displayed at once onscreen. One can browse through the images using the right and left arrow buttons. The user then taps an image and views it full screen. When a Background image is selected, the user then can set it instantly as wallpaper, set as a favorite, set as a contact’s picture, or save it in the mobile phone’s SD card.
Background images selection is varied and impressive. One can even opt to browse for frames, which can then be applied over other images to make fun and dynamic effects. Backgrounds offer users, including WhatsApp users, an unlimited selection of pretty wallpapers for their mobile phones. However, the downside to the Backgrounds app is that sharing options are limited.

Other Wallpaper Options

While there are other wallpaper apps that are compatible with WhatsApp, users would definitely be satisfied with WhatsApp’s native wallpaper app or with backgrounds. Even if the user would settle for using the WhatsApp Wallpaper app, he or she would still be satisfied with the attractive graphics and HD imagery.

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