How Can I Hide My Online Status On GBWhatsApp?

Are you a manager who must stay active on WhatsApp to manage your team? Are you use WhatsApp because you just love it? If you are using WhatsApp a lot, you can relate to a common problem that is unwanted texts from family and friends, as soon as they see you online on WhatsApp.

Like, you just opened WhatsApp to send an important document to your boss, and your friends noticed that you are online, and they started sending you messages to plan vacation trips. You cannot reply as you have to finish the critical stuff, but as your friends notice that you are online and not responding to them, believe me, you are in trouble.

We Have Got A Solution For Becoming Invisible on WhatsApp

So it’s a common problem that many regular WhatsApp users face, affecting our productivity and relationships. WhatsApp allows you to hide your last seen but does not offer any help to hide your online status. This is where GBWhatsApp comes into the picture. To avoid all this fuss, you must download any modded App such as GBWhatsApp.

Many modded apps out there can help you go invisible on WhatsApp while staying online. But we have selected GBWhatsApp APK as one of the most famous and reliable solutions. Before reading this tutorial, remember that GBWhatsApp APK is only available for Android phones, as it does not support other operating systems like iOS or Windows.

IOS’s tight and higher security does not allow to use of GBWhatsApp APK. But still, nothing to worry about as millions and millions of people are using WhatsApp on Android phones, so we are covering many of you. Before checking out the complete tutorial, look at the requirements section.

What do I Require to Hide My Online Status On GBWhatsApp?

There are no specific requirements when it comes to hiding your online status on WhatsApp. Here we are just fulfilling a formality to ensure that you have all the required tools and gadgets on your side. Some of you may be thinking about why we are following formalities. Well, the answer is that it will help newbies who have no idea of using modded apps. Check out the list of the requirements below.

  • An Android phone.
  • A working and reliable Internet connection.
  • The latest version of GBWhatsApp APK is installed on your Android phone.

These are the requirements that you have to fulfill to go invisible on GBWhatsApp. If you have not downloaded GB WhatsApp APK, install it without delay. If you have all these things, you are ready to perform the main steps.

How To Hide Online Status in GBWhatsApp?

As you know, you cannot use the official WhatsApp app to hide your online status, so we are using GBWhatsApp APK to get rid of unwanted messages at certain times. Some of you may feel concerned about the security of this modded app. Let us assure you that it is a reliable application, and we have been using it for years due to its reliability.

Millions of people across the globe benefit from this application on their Android phones because it has some unique and cool features for you. So, if you want to use WhatsApp with new swag, this modded application is the way to go.

The following steps you have to follow to hide your GBWhatsApp online status.

  1. Download GBWhatsApp APK’s latest version on your Android phone.
  2. Install the APK file on your smartphone, and you will find the downloaded file in the download folder.
  3. If you get any error like installation blocked, go to Settings >> Security & Fingerprint >> Tap in “Allow installation from unknown sources.”
  4. Ensure that you have a reliable and working internet connection.
  5. After successfully installing the APK file, complete the registration process by entering your phone number, and setting your password.
  6. Now, you are done with installing GBWhatsApp APK and can go invisible by just following a few other steps.
  7. To Access the Privacy button, click on the Top Right corner.
  8. After tapping the privacy button, a sub-menu will appear, and you will find “Hide Online Status” in the menu with other related options. Click on it, and now no one can disturb you when you want to use WhatsApp calmly.

Woah! we are done with our mission, and now, you can successfully use WhatsApp without getting annoyed or disturbed. Above all, you can see that which your friend is online without coming into someone’s radar ;). This is the power of Modded Apps, and that’s why many people prefer modded applications over official ones.


Again, let us remind you once again before saying goodbye to you that you cannot hide your online status in the official WhatsApp application; you have to use modded apps like GBWhatsApp. You can use WhatsApp without annoying and unnecessary messages on your mobile screen. You can also hide seen and the second message tick using GBWhatsApp.

We know you are also excited to learn about these methods, but we will cover these topics very soon on our blog. Stay updated. Let us know in the comments section if you have something to say or ask. We would love to hear from you.

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