GB Instagram APK (Anti-Ban) Download Latest Version Official 2023

Size of the App:38.9 MB
Name of Version:V3.80
Requires:Android 4.0+
Root Required:No
Name of the App:GBInstagram
Based on:WhatsApp

For those who aren’t familiar with Instagram, it’s an app like Facebook or any other social network except that it’s designed specifically to share photos and videos.

It was made in 2010 by none other than Kevin’s system. It made its debut on iOS back in 2011. The app was a huge success. So, Much so That Facebook Bought it in 2015. From its initial release, the widely popular photo and video sharing app has grabbed the attention of many users from around the globe. It rapidly gained fame because of its photo editing and sharing capabilities.

In just a few years, Instagram now has more than 1 Billion downloads, only on android. It’s a great app and a must-have for anyone living in 2023. These days most phones even have Instagram pre-installed on them. Even though GB Instagram 2023 is a great app with many features. However, it has some downsides.
You need a third-party app, but that also has a problem. Most third-party mods have viruses in them; to solve this issue, we downloaded and tested hundreds of mods to give you the best possible mod that has everything you always wanted from your GB Instagram xda app and is completely safe.

Download GBInstagram

With the new GB insta apk app, you can customize every part of your account. From your homepage to the comment box, everything is customizable. That’s not all; GB insta apk also offers many cool security features. With GB Instagram’s latest app download, you can copy your friend’s bio or status. Download GB insta apk now to get the best Instagram experience.

Where to Download GB Insta Apk?

To download GB Instagram apk an extremely useful addon to the original version of Instagram, you need to go to our website over at and download the latest version of GB Instagram reveal.

Screenshots of GB Instagram Apk

To initiate GB Insta apk Download, Keep Scroll below and Press the Download Button.

How to Install GB Insta Apk:

The process of installation is quite simple follow the steps given below and you will be using GB insta apk in no time:

Step 1: Download the GB insta apk app from our website over at

Step 2: Go to your security settings and allow installation from unknown sources. This is just a safety precaution that android offers. You have to press allow installation if you want to download and install any app from a source other than the android play store.

Step 3: Now open GB Instagram plus from your download folder and press install.

Step 4: After installing GB insta apk you now have to sign up or sign in to the app.

Step 5: You can access the customize option or multiple accounts option by pressing the three dots on your screen’s top right corner in GB Instagram themes.

Features of GB Insta Apk

GB insta apk is packed to the brim with cool features. With gb Instagram features, you can personalize the appearance of gb insta download and customize various functions of GB Instagram plus. So let’s start by naming them and explaining their function.


First up are the themes. Suppose you love to use Instagram or are generally familiar with it. You probably know that you can’t change the black and white aesthetic of gb insta app download. Although the app looks good after some time, it just looks plain and boring. The GB insta apk mod adds themes to the mix to solve this problem. Now you can change every part of your Instagram homepage by applying themes. There are more than 600 plus themes that you can \ and apply to your Instagram.


With the new GB insta apk app, you can customize every inch of GB Instagram plus from the search bar to the comment section. You can change the color or even the shade of your color. That’s not all; can also change the Gb Instagram Apk download font to whatever you like. We have listed some of the things that the GB install apk app can easily customize;

  • The header
  • The footer
  • The home screen
  • The chat menu
  • The comment menu
  • The profile page

Copying comments

GB insta apk creates some never before seen (at least on Instagram) copy and paste options for you. If you ever wanted to copy a portion of your friend’s status or their bio, now you can. It’s as easy as selecting the text and pressing the copy button.

Multiple accounts

Probably the best feature of GB insta apk and the most requested feature of any social networking app is the option to run multiple accounts on the same app simultaneously. Some phones even offer this particular feature as a compelling selling point these days. The original Instagram does not have this option, but thanks to the developers of GB insta apk, you can mod Instagram to include it. Now you don’t have to worry about running two versions of Instagram simultaneously by changing your os or rooting your device because now you can easily do all of that in GB Instagram plus.

Sharing options

With GB insta app, you can now share your favorite photos and videos with your friends. You can also copy and paste URLs of anything you find funny or interesting. This feature adds a whole new dimension to the vanilla Instagram app.


It can be very hard for those of you who speak a language other than English to use Instagram, especially if Instagram doesn’t support the language you speak. Luckily GB Instagram apk has a solution for this age-old problem. GB insta apk offers a top-quality translation engine that can translate any language to your desired language. It is a must-have feature for all those who use Instagram in their mother language.

Frequent updates

A lot of mods on the market right now don’t have updates. They can’t be updated or aren’t. This has become a common problem for people using any social networking mod. The original app gets updated, but their mod does not result in the mod failing to start or run properly. But that isn’t something you should worry about as GB insta apk gets updated regularly.

No root required

You must think that an app with such premium modding capabilities must require a root, right? Luckily the answer to your question is no. You need to download the GB insta apk and follow the instructions below without rooting your device. We all know how frustrating a root can be, and even though it gives you new and cool features, it isn’t worth it. Especially if you consider that will terminate your phone’s warranty if you root your device.

Downloading photos and videos

With the latest edition of GB Instagram apk you can now download all of the photos and videos on your Instagram. Gone are the days in which you would have to use another app from some random developers to be able to download these videos. And even if you did download GB Instagram plus, the chances of it working are very low. However, the latest version of GB insta apk works perfectly. We should personally test GB Instagram plus, and we can confirm that it is everything that it offers.

No Banning

Recently, news about people getting banned because of fake or modded accounts is coming to the surface. However, GB insta apk has no such issues, and hopefully, it won’t have any of them in the future. To assure us of the authenticity of GB Instagram, the developers took extra steps and made some necessary precautions to make their mod ban-free.

Zooming profile picture

There is an annoying problem in the official version of Instagram; we can’t zoom in or out of a person’s Instagram picture. To solve this, you need to download GB insta apk so that you can finally zoom in or out of any Instagram picture.

What Versions are Available:

Gb Insta Apk v1.0Gb Insta v1.1Gb Insta Apk v1.2
Gb Insta Apk Version v1.3Gb Insta Apk v1.4Download Gb Insta v1.5

Benefits of Using GB Instagram Plus

GB Instagram plus is designed so that users can take full advantage of what Instagram has to offer. It is built for people who thought the regular version of Instagram wasn’t good enough or way too simple for their liking. For this purpose, Atnfas Hoak created GB insta, just a modded version of the highly popular social networking app, Instagram. People from around the globe love GB insta just because of its hundreds of new features. They were primarily able to customize every part of GB Instagram plus.

  • Gb insta also offers a lot of other interesting features, one of our favorites is the ability to download any picture that you like.
  • This is a feature that most Instagram users have been dying to have since day one of its releases.
  • Wait, that’s not all GB instagram apk also has a lot of other cool features as well,.
  • You can customize, personalize, download images, translate pages, share photos without getting banned or needing to root your device.
  • The best part about GB insta apk has to be the fact that GB insta apk is free also it requires no root, and your account won’t even get banned if you choose to download GB insta apk.
  • if you want something similar to this in Whatsapp, there is an app called GBWhatsapp. I am mentioning this here because the developer of GB Insta and GBWhatsapp is the same.

What Users Say About GB Insta:

“GB insta apk is definitely the best app that i have downloaded so far it goes well and beyond being a simple mod. It raises the instagram experience to a whole other level. Since it’s initial release as GB insta apk 1.10 i have been using it and loving it. It’s a must have app for every instagram user. I recommend this to everyone. You have to try it to know what it’s capable of” a GB insta apk mod apk user.

“I always thought that instagram, was a little too simple for my liking. It was too plain and did not offer much. I mean before GB insta i couldn’t even download a picture let alone an entire video. But thanks to the wonderful mod created by Atnfas Hoak , i love instagram now and can’t imagine using it without the GB insta apk mod apk.” a GB insta apk mod apk user.

“Gb insta has now become a part of my normal day to day routine. i can’t imagine using instagram without it. The features it brings to the table are truly amazing. I have been using the app since it’s early release and would recommend it to anyone who wants to or is using instagram.”

What Platforms is GB Instagram Plus Available For:

GB instagram plus is available on all major platforms such as IOS and on android it supports android for version 4.0 and up.

Is Instagram Mod Available?

Yes, you can download GB insta apk, the feature-packed app from our website over at


Is this free?
Yes, of course, this is free. The developers created GB Instagram plus so that they could help people with their Instagram experience. It wouldn’t be useful if GB Instagram plus had a price tag.

What is the latest version of GB Instagram plus?
The latest version of GB Instagram plus is currently out, which is 1.50. it is the best version of GB Instagram plus and offers many new features. It also fixes some minor bugs from the previous versions.

Where can I download GB Instagram plus?
You can download GB insta apk from our site over at You can read the instructions above if you need to know how to download the GB insta apk and install it.

How can I download a picture?
Downloading a picture or video is very easy; you need to press the three dots on the left side of any picture, and a short menu will pop up. Press the download button, and you’re good to go.

Is it safe?
Of Course, it is; it’s the best mod for your Instagram right now and is a must-have for any Instagram user. So download it right now from our website at

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