How To Clean WhatsApp Duplicate Media Files

Hey Guys, In this tutorial we will tell you about how can you remove Duplicate Media File son WhatsApp. We all Use Android Smartphones. If not, We may use iPhones, but this tool that you’re going to see today is one of the most useful tools you’ll ever come across. Bad luck iPhone users. It’s only available on Android Smartphones. Let’s keep the Neverending  Android Vs iPhone war aside and talk about a more genuine issue which we all face and what’s that? STORAGE! Also, have a look at the Best WhatsApp mod which is GBWhatsApp.

Since the inception of Jio, we’ve started downloading more games, movies, and apps, etc. These apps and movies are occupying too much of your phone’s storage. The phone is indeed a preferable device now, either for browsing or downloading. So, all these downloads, occupy GBs of space on your phone, and most of us have come across a warning “Low Space” This annoying notification keeps coming behind you on every screen just like how your Ex-keeps stalking you all the time. Jokes apart, You will transfer all the files, movies. etc into your PC and you’ll be relieved of it right? Don’t forget to download WhatsApp Plus on your Phone.

But what about that invisible junk from your phone which you can’t clear? The Cache or duplicate files or even those forgotten important notes and images which you got on WhatsApp which gets rotten in some corner of your phone. It’s tedious and time-wasting if you’re gonna search for all the duplicate files, delete, etc. So, Presenting you the Savior! “Cleaner For Whatsapp” This app will save your day. Only if you’re on Android. Sorry iPhone users.

How To Clean WhatsApp Duplicate Media Files

At this point, before clicking the link you might be wondering about the pricing of this app. Well, We’re glad to tell you that Cleaner For WhatsApp is Completely free for download. It doesn’t have any in-app purchases or hidden charges! Make sure you’re on android 4.0.3 and above as this app won’t work on devices below that. Wait for a second, even WhatsApp doesn’t work on devices below the 4.0.3 android version. If you’re on anything below the lollipop, we suggest you upgrade it or change your phone as soon as possible to avoid any kind of virus attack on your phone.

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  • Once you’ve made up your mind to clean junk from your phone, you just have to go to this link and install the app – Download

  • After you’ve successfully installed it, launch the app! It’ll request you minimal permissions, just make sure you give it access to all the permissions as they’re necessary for cleaning junk.

  • You’ll be presented with a screen, which is the main interface of the app. From there it’s self-explanatory. You click on Images, Videos, voice notes.

  • It’ll show you all the Images, Videos, Voice notes sent and received through WhatsApp. Goto Duplicated Tab and click the Delete icon from the bottom right corner of the app.

What’s This App about?

The name itself describes it all. Cleaner For WhatsApp will clean all the junk which you get in WhatsApp.For example, you keep your phone connected to WiFi and when you come back your phone would have downloaded 100s of images from many of your friends and groups. Not only images, but you also got Voice Notes, music, documents, profile pictures, videos, and a whole lot more! That’s when Cleaner For WhatsApp comes into play. Also, have a look at our tutorial on How to Set full-Size WhatsApp DP.

With just a mere few clicks you can clear out most of the junk files which have been accumulated over time.

Whether it’s images or videos or even old WhatsApp databases. Databases usually occupy Gigabytes sometimes and clearing this would generally solve all your space issues. Storage is the main reason why smartphone manufacturers are implementing storage options on their devices like 64GB and 128GB options. But, To get that much storage, you’ve to shell out a lot of money and most of us still use the 8GB,16GB, or 32GB variants of the device which is never enough. On top of that, you’ve got a Hybrid sim slot. This means you’ve to compromise on either a sim card or a microSD card. In turn Sucks! Check out an awesome app called check who visited my Whatsapp profile.

Let us consider this scenario:

When you need to install an important app at that moment itself, either it’s the official app to open word/PowerPoint documents or the pdf reader app to open that important pdf file which you got in your mail and you get this low space notification. It would spoil your day, isn’t it? Your Android Phone then notifies you to delete certain apps, which also sucks. Then you’ll notice your phone slowing down. At this time, if you’re using Cleaner For WhatsApp, you need not uninstall any app. You Neither delete any of your photos/videos with your loved ones. Nor delete your important files. Cleaner for WhatsApp will provide you with that important space by clearing out duplicate/junk from your WhatsApp. You’ll then be able to download that app and complete your work. Also, have a look at how to download WhatsApp stories on Android.

It’s that simple.

Features of this App:

  • The app comes with a simple, fast, and user-friendly UI.
  • Neat Interface
  • Organizes all files that came in WhatsApp on one single screen.
  • Helps Save Space By Decluttering your device
  • Has various options to delete only Specific folders which aren’t required either the images or voice notes.etc
  • Preview the photos, videos, and files before bidding them Goodbye!
  • The App Occupies less space and less memory on your phone.
  • It has been downloaded by more than 400,000 people
  • Trusted by thousands of users and is rated 4.5 Out of 5 Stars on the Google Play Store.

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The app intelligently calculates the data and presents to you the amount of data each entity it is occupying. So, you get to know what to remove and what to keep. What are you waiting for? Download this app right now and make your life easier.

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