5 Useful Tips For Using WhatsApp

Tips For Using WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a secure messenger, but many users end up forgetting to protect their personal information. This could make your profile picture available to strangers, or you could risk downloading some fake version of the app. To help, check out these 5 tips to keep your WhatsApp and private conversations safe. 1) Block WhatsApp remotely … Read more

Whatsapp Spy

Whatsapp Spy

What’s all the fuss about the WhatsApp Spy application? There is a tremendous undercurrent of chatter all over the web in regards to the WhatsApp Spy application and for several very good reasons. A tool and technology that allows you to “penetrate” a target telephone and read any of the text messages, SMS messages, or even some emails … Read more

Whatsapp For PC (Something New)

Whatsapp For PC

Released in the year 2009 by former Yahoo employees Brian Acton and Jan Koum, WhatsApp is an instant messaging platform primarily used on smartphones, but it is now making its way to PC’s across the world. On WhatsApp, you can chat individually or engage in group chats. During these chat sessions, users can exchange text, … Read more