GBWhatsapp APK Download (Official) Latest Version November 2023

Size of the App:76.32 MB
Name of Version:Latest Version
Requires:Android 4.0+
Root Required:No
Name of the App:GBWhatsApp
Based on:WhatsApp

Hey guys, If you are a WhatsApp user, you might have heard of the name GBWhatsApp. WhatsApp has a limited number of features. But if you want to increase your limit and want some extra features like sending large files, customised themes, multiple accounts, and much more. Then you should use the GbWhatsapp APK.

So today, We will talk about GBWhatsApp; You guys will know what to know about it and how to use it. You can only use the app on Android devices; there are some amazing features in the app that you will not find in WhatsApp. There are many mods available on the internet, but this is the most popular one, and most of the people who don’t use WhatsApp are using GBWhatsApp.

The app size is smaller than WhatsApp, which is very good if you are using a low-end device. It can run smoothly without showing any errors.

Just because of its popularity and its best features, GbWhatsapp always puts updates, and you can download them from our site, or you can bookmark our blog page and get the latest update. You need a browser to download it, so don’t forget to bookmark us.

GBWhatsapp Features

Gbwhatsapp features offer a variety of tools to enhance your messaging. From privacy controls to creative customizations, these features make chatting more secure, and fun. All the features are explained below.

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Auto Reply

Automatically responds to messages when you're unavailable, saving time and keeping communication consistent.

Best Image Quality

Ensures photos and videos are sent and received in high quality, preserving the clarity of your media.

Share Live Locations

Allows you to share your real-time location with contacts, enhancing safety and coordination in meet-ups.

Revoke Multiple Messages

It lets you delete multiple messages at once, which is useful for managing chat and privacy.


Enables Do Not Disturb mode to stop receiving messages and calls within the app, allowing for uninterrupted focus or rest.

People Nearby

Find and connect with people near your location, useful for networking and making new friends.

Filter Messages

Sorts and organizes messages based on your preferences, making it easier to find important conversations.

Increased Media Sharing Limit

Allows for sending larger files, ideal for sharing documents or high-resolution media.

Multiple Language

Supports multiple languages, making the app accessible and user-friendly for a diverse user base.

Status Download

Enables downloading of contacts' status updates, useful for keeping a copy of important or interesting updates.

Text Messages Broadcast

Send messages to multiple contacts at once, ideal for announcements or sharing information quickly with several people.

Emoji Effective

Enhances chat experience with a wide range of premium emojis.


Pop-up Notifications

Offers notifications that pop up on your screen for quick viewing and replying to messages.

Anti-revoke Message

It prevents senders from deleting messages they've sent to you, ensuring you don't miss any messages.

Messages History

Keeps a log of all your messages, ensuring you have a record of your conversations.


Customizable notifications for messages and app updates keep you informed.

Endless Themes

Offers a variety of visual themes, allowing personalization of the app's appearance to your liking.

Application Lock

Adds an extra layer of security to the app, protecting your chats and information.

Select All Chats

Enables selection of all chat conversations at once for bulk actions like deleting or archiving.

Mark the Unread Messages

Marks messages as unread, helping you to remember to respond to them later.

Status Privacy

Control who sees your status updates to maintain your privacy.

Outstanding Effects on Images & Videos

Enhances media with special effects, making your photos and videos more engaging.

Amazing Fonts

Variety of font styles to personalize your messages, making chats more fun and expressive.

Alter Contacts

Allows customization of contact names and details for easier identification and personalization.

Send Maximum Pictures

Increases the limit of photos you can send in one go, great for sharing albums or large batches of images.

GBWhatsapp (Installation Guide)

GBWhatsApp is a better version of WhatsApp, so its download and installation processes are almost same. But still, many people don’t know how to download or install GBWhatsApp.

You can’t find it in the Play Store that’s why you have to download it from a third-party website. We have provided the download links below.

And for those who don’t know how to install it, you should follow the process given below.

  •  1st, click on settings and click on Settings — Security — Unknown Sources

  • 2nd, after enabling unknown sources, install the application on your Android device.

  • 3rd, open the app and register with your number …

gbwhatsapp android

  • 4th after registering for the app and enjoying all the moods.

GBWhatsapp Update

GBWhatsApp developers release new updates regularly, so you should update the app to use all the latest features. To update it, you can download the latest APK version from our website and install it. Make sure unknown sources are enabled in your device settings before installing. It’s essential to regularly check for updates to access new features and security improvements.

You will get notified in the app when a new version is available. Bookmark us so that you can download the latest version at any time.

GBWhatsapp APK Download

Some of the gbwhatsapp users claim that it is better than WhatsApp, and that it’s fun to use because of its regular updates & features.

GBWhatsapp All Versions Apk

Gbwhatsapp has been running on the internet for a pretty long time. The developers of the apk are updating its features more and more. Most people use the latest version of GB WhatsApp or the pro versions. But nowadays people are also using the older versions of it because the older versions are much smaller than the latest versions. If you are concerned about your storage, you can use these older app versions. We have listed some popular versions of the app; you can easily download them below.

Note: Older versions don’t have all the features.

V.8.75 DownloadV.5.90 Download
V.10.20 DownloadV.6.60 Download
V.8.40 DownloadV.4.20 Download
V.8.60 DownloadV.6.50 Download
V.7.10 DownloadV.8.20 Download
V.8.10 DownloadV.8.50 Download
V.9.5 DownloadV.7.20 Download
V.9.90 DownloadV.4.20 Download

Install GBWhatsapp On iPhone

As you know, there are a massive number of existing iPhone users worldwide. But they are not able to install GBWhatsApp on their phones. Because this app is not available in AppStore.

But let me infrom you that it’s not possible to install GbWhatsapp on an iPhone. Our team has tried a lot to install the app on iOS but has failed. So don’t go with the myth spread online that you can use gbWhatsapp on your iPhone.

So for iOS users, we came up with a different solution. There is an alternative app named WhatsApp++ that has the same features. The installation process is given below.

  • First, visit the Panda Helper website, copy this link, and paste it into your Safari browser(

Note: This process will work only on safari.

  • Click on the Download button that is shown in the image below.
  • Click Install on the accessible version of Panda Helper.
  • A popup will occur; click on Install Web Version.

gbwhatsapp for android (1)

  • You need to allow some permission to install the app.
  • After allowing permissions, Settings >> General >> Profiles.
  • For ios 14 & 15 Settings >> Profiles.
  • Click on Panda Helper and hit Install from the top right corner.

  • After installing, it comes to your home screen, opens the panda helper app, and searches WhatsApp ++.
  • Now click on the install button, and it should start the installation. Whatsapp++; you can use all the gbwhatsapp features in this app.

  • After installing it, open the app and create your account; that’s it.

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Comparison Whatsapp VS GBWhatsapp

Already, we know that GBWhatsapp is a new version of the app that is 10x better than normal WhatsApp. For this reason, people called it Whatsapp Pro. So if you want to know why people say it’s the best alternative to Whatsapp then you should check out the comparison table below. Here we listed some major feature comparisons between WhatsApp & GB WhatsApp. So let’s go:




Characters Length In Status

139 Characters Plus

250 Characters Plus

Sharing Document

100 MB Limit

Upto 700 MB

Sharing Media File

Upto 16 MB

No Limit

Hide Last Seen



Copying Status



Sharing in Pdf, Txt format



Supported Languages



Blank Messages Sending



Changing Theme



Message Auto Reply



Scheduling Message



Available on Play Store



Sending Big files

With the help of GBWhatsapp app, you can send any file, no matter how big it is, and it also won’t take much time; just select the file and send it.

Updated GB WhatsApp can send a broadcast to 600 people at one time and can send 90 images in just one click instead of 30. Moreover, it allows you to increase the size of your videos and audio to improve their quality. This app will allow you to send more data and offer you the facility to write more in a message.

GBWhatsapp APK Download

Even you can put a status of 255 characters, which is more than WhatsApp. When you share media or any files on WhatsApp, it squashes the images and videos and degrades their quality. But in GB WhatsApp, you can share the raw files without degrading their quality.

This is the perfect app to send files and receive them. The app developer claims that no one can give the clarity that GBWhatsApp does.

GBWhatsApp Backup

You can back up your chats using the GBWhatsApp app. If someone sends you any file or photo, it will automatically be saved on your phone. You can also backup chats with GBWhatsApp. This will help you get all your files back, and it’s a fantastic feature for all users.

Process: Go to Settings > Chats > Chat backup, and then select ‘Backup’ to save your chats to either local storage or linked Google Drive.

Completely Personalize Themes

GBWhatsApp is a similar version of WhatsApp, but it has personalized themes; you can use any theme from the collection of the app. You can use your picture as a theme or your pet’s image, or you can download any kind of excellent photo and set it as your chat background. It’s entirely up to you what you will use and which will highlight your personality. You can also select an image and set it as a theme instantly in GBWhatsApp.

Final Words

We believe you’ll appreciate the GBWhatsApp official app. It offers a unique messaging experience, full customization, and privacy. It’s easy to use, letting you have fun with friends, change themes, and access hidden features. It’s as secure as the official WhatsApp, so you can enjoy its features without worry.

If you need further updates, feel free to bookmark our website URL ( so you can always be updated.

We invite you to share your GBWhatsApp experience with friends. Thank you for your support!

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